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Welcome to the CNMC

Hello from the Cabrillo National Monument Conservancy, a new 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose sole mission is to provide volunteer and financial support to Cabrillo National Monument—a place you already love and enjoy as a park VIP.

As a VIP at Cabrillo National Monument, you already know that funding America’s National Parks is a challenge.  The Cabrillo National Monument Conservancy works to provide additional funding to the park to support its mission.

We achieve our fundraising objectives through special events like the 4th of July Fireworks Celebration; frequent “moon walks” to watch the full moon rise; photography contests; CNMC memberships; and other community outreach activities.

Current and future projects being funded by membership fees and community donations include installation of the Rocky Intertidal volunteer trailer and the Tidepool Education Table, and adopting the Coastal and Bayside Trails for maintenance and upgrading.

As a new and growing organization, we recognize that we need additional help—your help.  You can contribute your time, talents, or resources to CNMC in any of four ways:

  • Become a CNMC member – A $30 per person per year membership gets you an annual park pass (a $15 value); invitation to members only events; and discounts and advance notice of events.
  • Become a Conservancy Volunteer – Help with events, community outreach activities, or park projects by offering your time and talents.
  • Become a Conservancy Board of Directors Member – Join the Board of Directors and help guide and lead the Conservancy to its goals.
  • Become an Outright Donor – Donate whatever amount you feel comfortable giving to the CNMC.

Whether as a Conservancy Volunteer or a Board of Directors member, we’re looking for ambitious, energetic, community-minded people who have experience and skills in social media, law, marketing, project management, business development, fundraising, membership strategy, product development, or just plain elbow grease and ideas.

Learn more about specific opportunities on our website’s “How to Help” page.

Please join us in any way that you can to help support San Diego’s only national park, Cabrillo National Monument.


Randal Rand



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